Advanced Culinary Week 13: Oct. 26-30

 In Advanced Culinary Period 4, Advanced Culinary Period 6

Hello Families,

This week in Advanced Culinary we’re going to revisit what we missed out on from quarter 4 of last year, so we’re going to do a little time travel. This week in class we’ll be making two types of pound cake, old fashioned vanilla and chocolate. This is a great all purpose cake that even savory chefs can make without much difficulty. Also this week we have our final home football game where the culinary program will be running concessions. This week we’re serving Green Chili Burritos for 5 dollars. Along with that we will have 1/4 pound all beef hot dog meal along with drinks and other snacks. Bring the family, have some dinner and watch some Friday night high school football. I hope everyone has a great week!